BABE Program



Where in your home do all the plastic bags go to live their best lives?

You know. I know...

We hold on to them, we tie them in bows to make ourselves feel better and sure, they do come in handy.

But did you know the average person uses a plastic bag for ONLY 12 MINUTES before discarding it?

We're proud to have never offered plastic bags - and instead use recycled paper bags which we hand stamp ourselves. We also partner with Better Packaging Co. and ship all of our orders with their reusable, compostable mailers. But we're trying to be even better.

Rather than collect MORE single use plastic bags that are harmful to the environment and costly, we're doing our best to use reusable shopping bags at all times. And we want to encourage you to do the same.

Let's talk about the benefits of reusable bags

  • You save $$$ — most stores charge YOU .5 cents for each bag you require - what's up with that?
  • Saving resources — plastic bags are non-biodegradable, use crude oil and natural gas to manufacture, and require even more fossil fuels to ship.
  • No plastic bags = you decluttering your home and saving space and DAMN, it feels good. Let's do a bit of math, shall we. Say you take home 5 grocery bags worth of food per week, that's like...a staggering 260 bags a year. And that’s just groceries. Think about the shopping sprees, gas station purchases, drugstore buys, snagging impulse merchandise at sporting events, it never ends.
  • Reusable bags - both durable and reliable, fold up REAL NICE and end up taking up much less space than your almost-the-size-of-a-human-plastic-bag-that-holds-other-plastic-bags.
  • Keep 3-4 reusable totes on hand — you can fill them up to the brim and know they won't rip or tear. That means one less trip to and from your vehicle and less probability of a carton of milk falling out the ass of that pesky plastic bag and decorating your driveway.

Let's talk about the perks

To be super transparent, we already spend a significant amount of dollars on recycled paper bags. Brand recognition also plays a part - having our name on a retail bag that you carry around is essentially free advertising for us.

But if we can justify that, when will the environment EVER come before the visibility and marketing of a brand?

So we're giving you an incentive when you shop with us. Bring a reusable tote that you've been gifted or have purchased from us - from one of the great brands we carry:

  • BBxCo. (House Brand)
  • Pokoloko

We'll give you 5% off your purchase. EVERY TIME.

Save a bag and you're one small but mighty step closer to saving the environment.

Should you have any questions regarding our BABE Program, please email us at