User-Generated Content Terms & Conditions

Why do we use your personal data?

We love the opportunity to share great style with the #BabesInBBxCo community. We love sharing the different ways you can wear, pair, mix + match and style items and this gives US the chance to show the universe YOUR badass style. 

#BabesInBBxCo is an initiative created for you, fueled by you and enjoyed by audiences and users worldwide across our social media platforms.

How do we use your personal data?

Photos and/or videos of yourself are regarded as personal data. Such personal data will be published on our official website, and/or on our social media pages and other promotional channels. To be able to do this, we need your photo and/or video and in return (with permission) we link back the photo on your Instagram account. 

Who has access to your personal data?

We may share your personal data within the organization or social media teams whenever necessary to fulfill the intended processing purpose. For the same reason, personal data is also shared with suppliers carrying out certain tasks on our behalf, such as IT, data analytics and media agencies. BBxCollection is entirely responsible for its suppliers. 

Please note, by posting, using our hashtag #BabesInBBxCo, or otherwise sharing your picture or video clip, you voluntarily share the content and other personal data with Instagram or other social media platforms. This relationship is outside of BBxCollection's control and a matter strictly between you and the social media service provider.  

We are not able to control and are not responsible for how third parties may use your personal information when you choose to post it in a public forum, so you should always exercise caution when choosing to post information publicly.

As a rule of thumb, we DO NOT and NEVER WILL provide, sell, swap or trade your data to any third parties.

What is the legal ground to process your personal data?

We will collect, use and share your username, photos and/or videos to the extent necessary for us to perform the service described in this section, to meet your expectations of using the hashtag #BabesInBBxCo in relation to sharing your user-generated content and other services.

How long do we keep your data?

We will keep your username and generated content for a period of approximately 24-36 months from the date of posting. We like to keep our content fresh.

If you would like to remove any photo(s) which you've previously provided permission for us to post, please email us at or use the form via our customer service page.

Please note that even if you or we (BBxCollection) remove content that has been posted online, be aware that this content may have been shared by third parties or copied to other websites outside of our scope/organization, and we are not able, required or obligated to remove all such copies of it.