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We are OVER THE MOON to bring you Smash + Tess as another great Canadian brand joins BBxCollection!

Made with Smash + Tess' NEW Waffle Rayon Knit from bamboo and cotton blend, this Romper has a similar fit to their Monday Romper but in a cozy new fabric! Featuring an oh-so-flattering ¾ sleeve, a one button placket neckline, and cute jogger cuffs, the Coffee Time Romper is the new addition to the ol’ Romper collection.

Wash + Wear:

Smash + Tess rompers are made of a soft, high quality fabric that is 66% rayon from bamboo, 28% cotton and 6% spandex. 

We recommend washing cold and laying flat to dry. Don't hang your romper, as the weight of the item may stretch and pull it down. Rompers can be tumble dried on low, however dryers are known to be hard on your garments.

Note that fabric pilling can be prevented to some extent by proper washing and care. Try washing your romper inside out and on a shorter gentle wash cycle.

Take care of your romper — just because it's made well doesn't mean it's made of steel. 

Size Guide: