This brass magic eye mirror is the ultimate accessory for your home decor. The perfect statement piece and adds a boho flair to any decor. Supposedly, the eye symbol clears up negative energy and brings you good luck. A feel-good treasure for your house.

Crafters work several hours to produce a single brass mirror. They’re a work of art and you can see they were made by human hands, which is what makes them so beautiful and unique.

Size of the eye: 11” x 16”
Mirror: 8” diameter

Details: Has two D rings on the backside so you can easily hang it up.

Baba Souk is based in Montréal. Enamored with the beauty of Moroccan handmade crafts, they believe in supporting artisans and products that are made to last, that you can cherish and love for a lifetime. Baba Souk pays their artisans fairly and their goods are fair trade. 

The mirror is 11” tall by 16” wide.

The mirror is handmade by a Moroccan artisan with brass.

Avoid chemicals that will turn the brass. Wipe with a cloth.