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WAX + WANE is a Canadian coffee company, proudly roasted in Ottawa.

Available flavors:

  • New Moon (Espresso Blend / Smooth with Crema)
  • Waxing Moon (Medium Roast / Papua New Guinea)
  • Waning Moon (Medium Roast / Tanzania Peaberry)
  • Full Moon (Light Fruity Roast / Ethiopia)

As the phases of the moon transition from new to full and back again it's important to pause in the moments in between.

Wax and Wane are lost transitional phases between a full moon cycle, much like the fleeting moments of our everyday lives.

The truth is, we are the sum of all of these beautiful tiny moments and they deserve to be celebrated.

So, cheers to treasuring these tiny moments in our everyday life. And may they be as memorable and exciting as the first sip of your WAX + WANE coffee of the day.

Size: 3/4lb / 340 gram bag of coffee beans